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Off Topic-SPAM and A solution

I know for most of you internet Spam is a problem. We have managed to keep
it off our mail list but I keep my fingers crossed. I have tried a few "no
Spam" programs and found them to be lacking.

Recently a friend directed me to a company called Cloudmark. they have a
free Spam blocking program that is free to consumers. I have been using it
for about a month now and I am impressed. The actual Spam that now hits my
inbox is about 10% of what it was a month ago. It works with Microsoft
Outlook and Windows 98 and above. You download a small program and it sets
up a Spam folder to catch the Spam. It also sets up two buttons on your
toolbar, "Spam Block" and "unblock". when a Spam e mail comes onto your
inbox you click on the block button and it moves the message to the new Spam

The messages stay in the Spam folder in case you blocked a sender by mistake
then you can "unblock" them. Whenever you want you delete the Spam messages
in the Spam folder.

It also sends a message to their central data base every time you that you
want a message blocked. This data base also gets the Spam from all other
computers with this program on it and they then block the messages from
other computers. It takes a week or so using the program to see the results
but for me it is very worthwhile. I get about 100 to 150 messages a day and
at least 50 to 60 are Spam. I'm down to 10 to 12 new ones daily. the longer
you use it the better the results will get.

One thing you may notice after you use it for a week or so is that Outlook
may tell you it is downloading say 10 messages and after it done you only
have 5 new messages. The other 5 were Spam and were transferred to the Spam

If you have read this far, I guess you are interested in getting rid of the
Spam. try the program and let me know if it works as well for you as it does
for me.

BTW, I have no interest in this company other than I love the product and of
course the price, free. what could be better.

The address is:  http://www.cloudmark.com/products/spamnet/

Good luck and Happy New Year!


"What you don't know doesn't hurt you, but it
 amuses a lot of other people."

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