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Re: PMDD ?

>IMHO if you can't follow the basic written instructions maybe

> you should stick to plastic plants.

WoW!! I've seem to have started a little flame here with what i thought was a simple question. If you look at the formula I was using (found at:http://www.hydroponics.com/info/aquatics/pmdd.htm) , the ingredients list states 300 mL, while the instructions say fill to make 300 mL solution. I thought these were mutally exclusive options, therefore, my question.  I must admit, I was a wee bit taken aback by Rex's response, but not surprised by responses from Terry, David, and of course, an informative and insightful response from Tom Barr.

I was recently gone for 2 weeks and, unable to dose daily, I loaded the substrate with some pellets made of 50% PMDD and 50% ART clay powder (per instructions at www.plantguild.com) When I came back, the plants had exploded in new growth, especially the swords. Everything else, anubis, crypts, dwarf sag, bacopa amplexicaulis and the red cabomba, also did well and pearling upon my arrival. The plant growth was dense enough that 3 baby swordtails were able to survive the discus in the tank. So, if going away for an extended time, these pellets might help.

back to Rex, I have no idea why you responded like that, I'm just a simple country prosecutor, not a shrink. I hope you derived some satisfaction from it, as much as I, and others I've helped introduce into aquatic gardening, derive from my non-plastic plants.


Jorge Q.

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