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RE: PMDD Formula ?

 Jorge Q ... just add water after the PMDD stuff until the mixture
reaches 300ml.  It is an odd way to mix but it all comes out the same
assuming everything dissolves.

Rex G was just having a bad day and forgot to remember all his trials
and tribulations when first embracing this hobby or maybe it was all
those lady bugs that bit him on his mail route.

Seriously, who's PMDD formula are you using and what are your tanks
particulars and specifications?  There is a mountain of help here and
many who will continue to help.

As for Rex G's cooking reference, he's referring to a shortcut that
often doesn't work.  But, it does for him.

Personally what I do is read and read and then mix and match and keep
what works in my tank.  My motto is less is better, happy plants = happy
fish and abundant plants = very happy fish.


Sharon Frey
sharonfrey at earthlink_net

Life is too short not to have a good time living it.