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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #497

>  Hey, have a happy new year!
> Now go out and think of that new tank design aquascaping you have in mind
but were always too      >scared to try. Then take lots of photo's for the
one single window when you've worked hard to       >get the image.
> Then enter it in the AGA contest and the ADA and any other
> contest! Get ahead on this.
> Photo's don't rot or take maintenance to keep do they? Contest don't cost
> much(some are free).
> You can always remove the design and get back to whatever you
> wanted in a few weeks. Plant tanks don't always look the same, they
> So try a change.

Wow! And he's a mind reader, too! <G>

I was just sitting here, reading and alternately glancing at the 10 gallon
tank sitting here next to me, and thinking...

I have that gift money for Christmas... I really want to fix the lights on
this tank (too yellow for my eyes)-- that won't cost too much for a 10
gallon.... And then, I've been wanting to try a cork backed tank-- again,
pretty minimal cost for a 10 gallon... So while I'm at it, the whole
planting scheme could do with some rearranging--- maybe get a nice piece of
wood in there....

Look what you started, Tom Barr! <GG>

Happy New Year to all!
 New Hampshire, USA, where it's cold and there is about 13" of snow in the
yard, with sleet-y, rain-y yucky stuff expected....

You can't ask to start over just because you're losing the game.

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