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Re: PO4 and Eusteralis

John Wheeler wrote:

"The last time I had my E. stellata stunt was about 2
months ago, and it was when I stopped NO3 for an
experiment. It resumed growing strongly after I
brought my NO3 back up to 5-10ppm. I dose PO4 3x a
week at about 1ppm each time. I use NaPO4 as well.
Perhaps, I'll try small dosings of PO4 daily and see
what result that brings me."

Thanks John,

your plants eat 3ppm of PO4 a week? That's a whole lot.
How about the other macros (Mg, Ca, KH, K+)? 
Water hardness might be important. I really would like to 
see Tom comment on this since your tank's consumption 
exceeds 3x the typical amount. Mine is around 1ppm.
If I dosed 1ppm three times a week E.S. supposedly wouldn't 
grow at all. 

As for the colors: Under bright lighting, lots of CO2, macros 
and traces new shoots turn yellowish as soon as they form 

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