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Re: PO4 and Eusteralis

Daniel Larsson wrote

"Isn't this vegetative propagation and something to really
strive for and a sign of good health? Just cut beneath 
the new shoots and you have a new group of 1-5 plants -
and they're really easy to plant too =)

Seems weird to me to try to stop this excellent 
propagation behaviour. Please explain."

Hi Daniel,

even Christel Kasselmann writes in her book "Aquarium-
pflanzen" about this strange behaviour of E.S. What I meant
to say is I believe that stunting is dependant of phosphate 
levels. Or to be more precise on how much PO4 gets into
the water column at a time. You can encourage the plant to
grow continously as well as you can induce stunting and pro-
duction of new shoots through the amount of PO4. 

To me the plant looks sickly a short time before stunting
occurs. The leaves get even smaller and the tip becomes
green. Also new shoots are going to stunt if you dose pulses
of PO4 high enough. Which makes me think high PO4 dosings 
stress this particular plant. 

I leave it to the experts if this could be called vegetative 

Kind regards,

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