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Re: PO4 and Eusteralis

> Subject: PO4 and Eusteralis
> What Iíve done is I switched PO4 dosings
> (liquid form) from 1 or 2x a week onto a daily
> basis. To my surprise since that time (Sept.
> 02) the plant grew beautifully without stunting
> any more. I suppose that either high pulses of
> phosphates in the water column stress
> Eusteralis or the plant doesnít like PO4 going
> all over the place. I concluded phosphates
> should be kept very stable.

Or very low PO4 levels.
I've seen it do very well when I reduce the PO4 or don't dose anything in the
I assume initially that it was due to the hardness or perhaps temp changes
But it grew well in semi hard water also.

I have some now that has made the transition from emmersed to submergent

I now have soft water KH 3, GH5.

I have been adding large amounts of PO4.
I would say it's a bit too soon to tell if the PO4 is stunting or something
From what/based on what I've seen thus far, I'm inclined to guess that it is
not the PO4. But....it certainly very well could be.
Since I have the softer water now, I can eliminate that issue and focus on
NO3/NH4 and PO4 to see how it effects the pesky plant.

But I think it's either the N03 or NH4 to PO4 ratio or the harder water issue.
Harder water makes the plant more touchy and sensitive IME.
It'll grow, but it looks much better in softer water with less PO4 and leaner
conditions from what I've seen.
Try adding more NO3 or feeding the fish more.
And yes, as you can see, soft water once again.

Let us know what you find.
Tom Barr

> K+            15 - 20 ppm
> KNO3                5 ppm
> CO2                 30 ppm
> Ca:Mg         ~3 : 1
> GH/KH            45 ppm
> 3,4 watts per gal  (3x ADA-NA, 1x Dennerle
> Trocal 3085)
> Fe and traces separately and both daily via ADA
> products 
> > Best regards,
> Detlef