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Re: Treatment of fish/Now - Recommended Dosage Levels

Antonio wrote in asking for help with Dactylogyrus on
Discus, which is apparently some kind of fluke.  Tom
Barr, as very often is the case had some very helpful
comments about how to treat the flukes and improve the
plant growth.  My question references the recommended
NPK dosages Tom gave Antonio:

"To a 1000 liter tank add:

CO2 to 20-30ppm
KNO3: 1 and 3/4 teaspoon 2x a week
K2SO4 2 teaspoons once a week
KH2PO4 1/8 teaspoon 2x a week
Traces, your going to hate this: 40mls 2-3x a week.
Weekly 50% water change."

Now I read this and thought that the K looked kinda
light in these dosages.   So I ran them through Chuck
Gadd's dosage calculator (Thanks again, Chuck, great
tool!).  I did this by setting the tank size to 1000L
and the amount of water to mix with to 1 ml.  And what
I found was that these dosage recommendations would
give you approximately these levels:

12 ppm of NO3
13 ppm of K
.84 ppm of P

Now in reading the APD archives and following a number
of threads, I thought I had learned that we wanted to
dose about 5 ppm of NO3 and about 20+ ppm of K over a
week, if we were to follow the Barr theory of plant
keeping.  Am I off in my calculations or did Tom typo?
 Or maybe Tom had another reason for loading up on N03
in this tank?  


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