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Light and Barr


Tom Barr do you have a brother or uncle or cousin or someone else named
Matthew Barr who photographed the images in an aquarium book called
Underwater Gardens? The book is authored by Jack Kramer, copywritted in
1974. I found it at the library and was looking through it when Matthew Barr
caught my attention.


A guy here at work just gave me a High Pressure Sodium light, 250watts. Is
this any good for growing aquarium plants? I'm setting up a mangrove tank,
would it be good for that? He's also giving me a metal halide bulb (I guess
he was really into growing some sort of plant in his basement when he was
younger. Go figure!) Any source known for an inexpensive metal halide
housing/ ballast? I don't know too much about these sorts of lights. I've
also been tinkering with halogen and xenon bulbs. Neither seem to work that