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Re:Treatment of fish/Now - Recommended Dosage Levels

> Antonio wrote in asking for help with Dactylogyrus on
> Discus, which is apparently some kind of fluke.  Tom
> Barr, as very often is the case had some very helpful
> comments about how to treat the flukes and improve the
> plant growth.  My question references the recommended
> NPK dosages Tom gave Antonio:
> "To a 1000 liter tank add:
> CO2 to 20-30ppm
> KNO3: 1 and 3/4 teaspoon 2x a week
> K2SO4 2 teaspoons once a week
> KH2PO4 1/8 teaspoon 2x a week
> Traces, your going to hate this: 40mls 2-3x a week.
> Weekly 50% water change."
> Now I read this and thought that the K looked kinda
> light in these dosages.   So I ran them through Chuck
> Gadd's dosage calculator (Thanks again, Chuck, great
> tool!).  I did this by setting the tank size to 1000L
> and the amount of water to mix with to 1 ml.  And what
> I found was that these dosage recommendations would
> give you approximately these levels:
> 12 ppm of NO3
> 13 ppm of K
> .84 ppm of P
> Now in reading the APD archives and following a number
> of threads, I thought I had learned that we wanted to
> dose about 5 ppm of NO3 and about 20+ ppm of K over a
> week, if we were to follow the Barr theory of plant
> keeping.  Am I off in my calculations or did Tom typo?
>  Or maybe Tom had another reason for loading up on N03
> in this tank?
> Neal

    Thank you Neal, my first pos was to inform a  plant list who were VERY
afected, for a formaline treatment, (Healthy and growing before)

    I calcule my dosages depending on my growing, For me  (for sure they
will be a lot of ways to calculate) one easy way to know about how much is
the following:

    If you want to calculate K, for example,  Give a ceretain dose (X gr)
of K, after this day dose everythink except K, when the fast growers plants
begin to stop bubbling,  you will know for this tank X gr. last for X days
and  making this for every fertilizer you will know the MINIMUM dose for
THIS Tank.-

    I really do not believe any calculator could make it for you.-

    Best Regards
    Antonio Trías