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Filter advice needed

I'm in the process of returning to service a 110 gallon aquarium and
need to order a new canister filter. In the past, I used a Magnum 350
and was not pleased with it. I found it difficult to prime and it was
noisy. I've also used Fluval x03 series. 

I've decided to give Eheim a try. I've been eyeing the professional II
series and was wondering if anyone had any comments. The tank is now
located behind the couches in the TV room, so I need a quiet filter. I'm
also thinking that I should go with two filters this time around. That
will get pricey with the professional series, so I've also been
considering the 2215. Is this model difficult to prime--or to clean, for
that matter?

I would appreciate any feedback from Eheim users.

Thank you,

Sharon Stewart