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Re: Shaw's article

> Date: Mon, 09 Dec 2002 12:14:09 -0500
> From: Thomas Barr
> I find great hypocrisy when it's policy to be "safe than
> sorry" when it comes to protecting oil markets, but
> not the planet?

Some really great policies established here, oui?

> Agricultural markets drive a very large part of the world's markets,
> messing with those is not wise. A steady supply is a good thing
> in a food market (need steady weather).

On some continents, like Africa, the agriculture will be in a bit of trouble
as the local climate dries out. In others, like North America

> Research based on wetland plants does seem to show that
> this group more than any other will do better in the future as
> the CO2 levels rise...

places like wetlands will be in trouble due to too *much* water. (It's
expected that Florida won't be the only place under water when the ice caps

It's very unfortunate that we don't have time to study the effects on
indigenous flora more closely - the effects on food crops alone are expected
to exarcerbate the problem to the definite point of affecting the population
and our ability to feed it...