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Re: Filter advice needed

On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 08:05:06AM -0500, Sharon Stewart
<sharon at stewartcentral_com> wrote:

> I've decided to give Eheim a try. I've been eyeing the professional II
> series and was wondering if anyone had any comments. The tank is now
> located behind the couches in the TV room, so I need a quiet filter. I'm
> also thinking that I should go with two filters this time around. That
> will get pricey with the professional series, so I've also been
> considering the 2215. Is this model difficult to prime--or to clean, for
> that matter?
> I would appreciate any feedback from Eheim users.

The Eheim 2028 Prof.II I have is well made, easy to operate and
quiet. Priming works and doesn't need training, as my Genio Sicce3
needs (the latter also primes well, but needs some trickery and
precise order of some operations). If you need really quiet
operation then don't feed the CO2 output into canister, it'll make
operation noisier, not to mention occasional burps caused by gas

Vallo Kallaste
kalts at estpak_ee