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Re: Marine Planted Tanks

I have been following this thread with great interest. I have been tooling 
around with a marine planted tank for the past 15 months. I call it my 
pseudo-reef. Pics can be seen here:

I have been keeping varies Caulerpa species that include 
prolifera,verticillata, sertularioides, mexicana, serrulata, racemosa, and 
Also having some luck with Halimeda species (tuna ?), Codium repens, Udotea 
flabellum. And red algaes, Galaxaura marginata, and some Gracilaria species.
Having fun with Turtle grass too, Thalassia species.

Although you don't need too, from time to time I do inject CO2. I use DIY 
yeast for my FW tanks. I change them out every 2 weeks, so I put the 2 week 
old bottle on my marine system.