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60$ test kits

While I do not suggest that folks not test, it's always a good idea to test,
I question a real need for a 60$ NO3 kits.

I think if you are into it and have $$, sure.
But will most fork it out? No. Be realistic.

I think figuring out what the tap water is, doing large weekly water changes
and re setting the tank each week works better/best and allows you to get
pretty close perhaps within about 1ppm for the percent water you change
being added back to the tank.
Even the 60$ test kits have a rough time bringing accuracy to that

Most tap water is pretty decent as far as NO3 goes. So most can use this and
those that have high NO3 ought test every so often or bug the water company
often to see what the NO3 is doing time to time.

I think simply doing the water change, adding nutrient back afterwards makes
any test kit errors moot. There's a lot of issues from what I've seen with
bad test kits/incorrect reading etc.
Adding a certain amount of KNO3 to a certain amount of water is easy. Good
for the plants, re sets any thing that may build up.

In the past I think I'd been leary of this, but after testing awhile with a
good kit and seeing how it works without any testing using estimations and
re sets only, I think this is a real good method for _most_ everyone.
Tom Barr