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Storing nutrients

	About two months ago I got some ludwigia peruensis
	from Steve Maier. It was stunning - a nice deep purple!
	It grew fine for about a week or so and then new leaves
	started getting this slight crinkle to them and growth
	got REALLY compact. It's hanging in there, but not doing
	well at all. Then about two weeks ago I got some more
	from someone else - and again - got a dozen new leaves
	and then the same thing is starting to happen. 

	I'm starting to think theres something Im missing
	nutrient wise. I think the plant has a little bit
	of 'stored' mystery nutrient and when that runs out
	it starts giving me this weird growth.

	Any ideas?

	220 Watts CF
	Pressurised CO2
	50% water changes weekly
	1.5 tsp K2SO4 weekly
	Nitrates from fish at around 5 ppm
	Try to keep PO4 at 0.5 - 1.0
	Traces from the mix at hydroponics.com
	A little crushed coral in the filter

	KH 4
	GH 6
	pH 6.6 or was it 6.8 - don't remember.