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Although some deals may not have gone as planned,
I don't think disclosing the names publicly is
'good'. Be the better person and keep it off this list.
If you frequently buy/sell/trade/giveaway plants
and are worried about getting stiffed by the same person,
just privatly email the person who got stiffed and
get the name. Then its up to you if you want to deal
with the said person in the future or not.

BTW - If it's me in any one of these deals that went
sour, let me know first as I don't recall doing 
anything like that and I never would, but maybe I forgot
to mail out something, and maybe the email got caught
in my spam filter (happened once). 

BTW - I found the hygrophila salicifolia. A fellow APDer
is simply giving me a few stems - no trade, no money - nothing
in return. I love this list!

Ghazanfar Ghori