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Re: Cheaters

Robert said, in part:

<< For the sake of harmony here and respect of each other, people need to
 decide for themselves if embarrassing fellow members of this forum is worth
 it.  So someone reniged on a trade agreement.... is exposing that person or
 persons worth the public humiliation? >>

I was ready to let this thread go, but since Robert quoted me and criticized 
that quote I will respond.

IMHO, what the cheaters did was more than reneging on a trade agreement.  
They took advantage of the trust that exists among members of this list and 
in the process weakened that trust.  And they are still out there, 
unidentified, possibly waiting for another opportunity.

They read this list and have seen these posts.  They have had ample 
opportunity to contact the injured parties, and maybe they have.  But if they 
haven't, then they should be publicly identified, even if it might 
"embarrass" them, the poor things.

My opinion only, of course.