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How to deal with a cheater

I sent this(along with some plants) to the guy that got cheated:

> My point is, rather than not getting any plants, I was offering them to you to
> make up for the _Karma deficiency_. Way I see it, you are owed some plants one
> way or another:)
> Regards, 
> Tom Barr

Most folks here have enough weeds to give away. Most just have a bunch and
want to give them away and recoup some shipping cost.

This person got cheated 5$, but the point is that folks here can easily
rectify this type situation.

 Money is money and the principle of it is the main point, that has not
changed but people in general are already getting a great deal on nice, hard
to get plants practically free of cost, then take advantage of someone's
good will is really pushing your luck. Heck, it is only 5$. Why the cheat
could not pony that up is beyond me, perhaps they forgot but I don't think
so. This person asked a few times. But then again, maybe they had something
happen where they are unable to go on line(eg, health, injury etc). Never
know. But if the person that got cheated knows they have not and are
posting, emailing etc, then ........there's no excuse, either pay up or hide
in shame(was that really worth 5$? I hope they are asking themselves). Dang,
I mean how cheap is this person?

If you send free plants you are already doing them a favor, most folks
realize this, and then agreeing to pay for the shipping etc is common, but
then ignoring the request, "hey, pay for the shipping at least!" places them
way down there. 

I've never had this happen and I've sent many plants all over.

I've had thing arrive so-so, but it's not like I cannot grow more and send
more again. Sometimes for a number of reasons things show up not in the best
of shape. Just send another box of weeds.

It's better than listening to folks rant about it. And you make a friend and
pawn off all those weeds:-) "Doing" is better than "complaining" about it.
That's worth 5$.

Folks that come here/already here that have legitimate issues with plant
shipments etc that get dogged, ought to have their friends here on the APD
help out. 

They are good folks that get screwed plants, something most of us have
excess of already, why not send them some? You can give advice, but you can
also give plants to help folks. Time to go trim.

Tom Barr