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Re: hiding pumps-heaters-other-junk

>I'm reading through back months of stuff in this board.  There is too much 
>to absorb all at once.  A question came to me just now.  How do you hide all 
>the hardware in the tank?  Most of the nicer looking pictures I have seen 
>don't seem to have any, although some DO have a large fluffy plant in one 

A lot of people use sumps to hold all the equipment, and that way all that's 
in the tank is an overflow of some sort and a spray bar, and usually tall 
plants are positioned so as to hide those two devices as much as possible. I 
think some people pull hardware out before taking pictures too. And some 
people don't use much (I have some tanks that have *only* a submersible 
heater in the tank, since I don't use any power filters in most of my 

As for the volume of info, make sure to check out the krib at 
http://www.thekrib.com that has archives of posts dating back into the wee 


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