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re: Botanical english beats me

Greger Lindstrand wrote:

> Could I have some examples of aquatic plants that is:
> Monocot ?
> Dicot ?
> Gymnosperm ?
> What does those words mean?

Monocot is short for monocotyledon.  It describes a plant
who's seedlings bear only one leaf.  Grasses, orchids and
lilies are monocotyledons.

Dicot is short for dicotyledon.  It describes a plant who's
seedlings bear two leaves.

A Gymnosperm is a member of the class Gymnospermae. 
Contrast gymnosperm with angiosperm.  Angiosperms bear seeds
within a closed ovary.  Gymnosperms do not.

> What does "gummy exudate" mean?

"gummy exudate" describes a thick, sticky substance produced
on the outside of a plant.

> and
> "Plant is a noncotyledonous" ?

You have me on that one.  A cotyledon is the first leaf
produced on a seedling.  I know of plants that are
dicotyledonous (2 seedling leaves) and monocotyledonous (1
seedling leaf).  By extension I suppose "noncotyledonous"
would refer to a plant who's seedlings bear no leaves.

Roger Miller