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Breeding fish in Planted Tanks

Hi there,

FYI, I was not planning to breed Jordanella Floridae.
Believe it or not, but I have about 6 juveniles swimming around in my
showtank now without doing anything but keeping a nice carpet of plants.
It is a 75 G tank with CO2 , wet/dry ( closed chamber , no air pumping in
it , as advised on this list ) , KH 6, Ph around 7.0 . 4 X 58W T8's (
various colours )
The tank is quite heavily planted ( I saw my gravel last time about 6
months ago ) with mainly Glossostigma , Ammania and Micrenthenun Micr.
Around 6 M ago I put 1 young male AFF with 4 females to graze on the
hairalgae I used to have problem with ( tank was only 2M set up at that
time, now I only need to clean the glass and trim plants ) . Of course he
went into breeding behaviour and I frequently noticed spawning just above
the micranthenum ( babytears??) carpet. The fry is extremely good at
hiding. The tank is full of predators and still 2 of each nest seem to
survive ( judging from the size when they appear )
 The juveniles seem to become less shy when they are about 1,5 cm long(
That is when I first noticed them and I stare for at least an hour in the
tank after work ) . Now I know where to find them: They clearly hide in the
very dense micranthenum carpet and occassionaly I see them in the glosso(
during feeding , when leftovers fall in the glosso carpet ) .

Hope this helps a bit .
( I also have a friend who breeds barbs this way without effort )

Dirk from Belgium ( 4 years of lurking, thanks people, you set me on the
right path ,an advise for new people, search and read, everything you need
is described somewhere here!!!!)