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Breeding fish in Planted Tanks

Zachary.villers wrote:

>> What experience does everyone have with breeding fish in plant tanks. I
like to breed a few different species. I know that live bearers work well,
but to me there is not much of a challenge there. <<

Some people set up planted tanks specifically for raising certain species of
fish and are very successful... Top spawning killies, many rainbows a number
of tetras, anabantids and cyprinids can be bred this way. (lots of smaller
cichlids too)

I don't even go to this length, and I have a goodly amount of fish
reproduction in my tanks.  My tanks are ALL planted community display tanks.
They all have one or more species that reproduce regularly in them.  Again,
many smaller cichlids will spawn and raise their young readily in planted
community tanks.  Either I or friends of mine have had the following species
successfully raise their young in our planted tanks.

Pelvicachromis pulcher
Pelvicachromis taeniatus
Anomalochromis thomasii
several Julidochromis sp.
Labidochromis "Lion's Cove"
Neolamprologus "Daffodil"
Laetacara dorsigera
Lamprologus leleupi


Columbian red fin blue tetras
Diamond tetras
Emperor tetras


Odessa barbs
Cherry barbs
Pentazona barbs
Zebra danios
Giant danios

(well, neither the Cyprinids nor most tetras "raise" their young, but with
adequate cover, many young survive)


lots of Corydoras sp.

Just today one of my Farlowella pairs graced me with a new clutch of eggs
right on the front glass.

And all of these have bred, and managed to have some fry survive to maturity
in community tanks.  If you're willing to set up a planted tank specifically
for a particular species of fish, the number of species that will be
successful in a planted tank goes up astronomically.