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Re: aquarium-related injuries

http://www.usplastics.com has "bucket dollies" that are made for use with 5 
and 6 gallon buckets. They are something like $10-20 if I remember right. 
Maybe worth looking into :-) 

I've been burned by heaters (after siphoning out all the water in the tank 
for big cleanings and forgetting to unplug the heaters), cut by broken 
plastic and glass parts for filters, and electrically zapped by all kinds of 

Many years ago a friend of mine dropped his tank (20g I think it was) and 
got *seriously* cut on one arm by the pieces. Seriously as in tendon damage. 
I remember that and when carrying tanks I like to wear some spectra-fiber 
(supposed to be stronger than kevlar) gloves that are cut-resistant. The 
idea is if I break the tank somehow, the pieces won't be able to slice up my 
hands at least. 


>Congratulate me, everyone. I've had my first aquarium-related
>injury. It's called aquarium elbow, a condition very similar to
>tennis elbow, cause by hauling around buckets of water for all
>14 aquariums that I maintain. My doctor told me not to use my
>injured arm, so I'll have to switch to the other arm. Hopefully,
>by the time it gets injured, my other arm will be recovered.
>(Don't tell me to use a python. I have too many baby fish in my
>So, has anyone else been hurt by their aquariums?   ;-) 
>    shireen

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