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Re: CO2 loss on overflow tanks

Dave K suspects that air-water mixing from the overflow on
his tank is causing the water to shed a lot its CO2.  He

> Is there anyway to prevent this air
> suction and keep my CO2 in the water?

Aren't there two ways to approach this?  One being to add a
sponge at the overflow and drain to "even" out the
flow reduce turbulence?

The other being to enclose or partially enclose those
containers where the turbulence occurs (the overflow and
the trickle chamber) -- then the atmosphere above the water
becomes rich in CO2 and water sheds less?  With this
method, you can use the trickle chamber as a place to
inject CO2 --  lots of water surface exposure to the gas.

Can folks confirm successful applications of either or

Scott H.

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