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Re: CO2 loss on overflow tanks

Scott Wrote:
The other being to enclose or partially enclose those
containers where the turbulence occurs (the overflow and
the trickle chamber) -- then the atmosphere above the water
becomes rich in CO2 and water sheds less?  With this
method, you can use the trickle chamber as a place to
inject CO2 --  lots of water surface exposure to the gas.

Can folks confirm successful applications of either or

Scott H.

This is exactly the method that I use. My overflows are overfilled and the
tops are used as a prefilter. Beneath the disposable polyester batting I use
for the prefilter I have bioballs in the overflows. What happens is water
sets on top of the batting and an air cavity forms underneath it. I can
control the size of the air cavity by shutting the pump off. I have no CO2
loss at all. Best of both worlds really, maximum bacterial denitrification
and I get to keep the oxygenation without losing CO2.