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Re: Aqua Medic CO2 reactor -- I am afraid of killing my fish

David wrote:

>     I have an Aqua Medic CO2 reactor, Type 500.  I'm not sure I'm using it
>correctly, and I am afraid of killing my fish.
>     I am pushing water through the reactor with a Power Head 402.  Unless I
>use a lot of CO2 pressure, the water pressure from the Power Head will not
>only prevent CO2 from reaching the reactor, but it will even force water up
>my CO2 tube, back toward the regulator and cylinder.  It takes significant
>CO2 pressure to overcome this water pressure created by the pump, and allow
>CO2 to reach the reactor.  If I unplug the power head, and the water pressure
>is released, the CO2 rushes through to the reactor unhindered, in massive,
>unsafe quantities.

Sounds like water flow into the reactor is way too high.  According to a 
catalog I have, the Reactor 500 requires a flow rate between 20 and 50 gph 
to work properly.  If you haven't tried it already, crank the the flow 
control slider way down on the 402.  It's rated at 270gph max in forward 
flow and 125gph max in reverse, so adjust the slider accordingly.  If 
reducing the flow rate of the 402 doesn't cut it, you need to use a smaller 
pump.  A Hagen 101 powerhead should work well.  It pumps 80gph max, so you 
can just put the flow slider around its halfway point and be within the 
range required by the reactor.

You could also possibly divert flow to the reactor by tapping the 
canister/sump pump's effluent.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee