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Softened water (again)

Asked this a little while back but never saw a response to my question.
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again --

So, we moved in to a new house and it turns out the well water here is
pretty pathetic.  High levels iron (18ppm) and tannins (1ppm), quite
soft and acidic (5.91 pH).  To get it cleaned out, we finally had to
resort to a water softener + tannin reduction system.  Works great for
the removal of the unwanted stuff, but now I am in need of a water supply
for my aquariums.

My question is, is there any way to take softened water and make it
usable for a planted aquarium?  I want to get a semi automated setup for
changing the water on my tank and if I have to start using R/O water,
that becomes semi difficult (have to add back in salts, hard to automate).

Looking for ideas. :)


Robert Chady 
Cadott, WI  (Have had our first accumulation of snow! )