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Hagen Plant-Gro CO2 Natural System

Whoa, I just saw this thing for the first time last night at my LFS, and it 
has got to be the coolest piece of aquarium stuff I have EVER seen. I don't 
know if it works, but it is a neat piece of work for sure.

What it is: A CO2 system for small (<20 gal) tanks. It comes in two pieces. 
One is the CO2 generator, with Hagen's special CO2 mix - a yeast packet and 
a "stabilizer" packet, which is supposed to even out the CO2 production. You 
add sugar and water. That is not the cool part. The cool part is the 

Have you ever seen those kids toys where you drop a marble in the top and it 
slides down a ramp, drops to the next ramp, and zig-zags back and forth 
until it reaches the bottom and rolls out. Same idea, except the CO2 goes in 
the bottom and the bubbles roll up the ramps. You can actually watch them 
get smaller as they go up! It is not 100% efficient - the bubbles don't 
completely disappear before they get to the top - but I would say that 75% 
or more of the CO2 is absorbed. And because of the fairly large size of the 
holes, I think it would resist clogging better than an airstone.

The packets are supposed to provide CO2 for a month. I don't know how much 
the refills cost, so I can't compare it to using something like carb-plus, 
fizz factory, or flourish excel. But watching those bubbles go up the ramps 
and shrink is worth the cost!


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