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Re: floral wire on cork, II

James Purchase said:

> I forgot to mention one thing about using wire which
> might rust away -
> hopefully, by the time the wire has rusted to the point
> where its no longer
> holding the plant in place, the plant's roots will have
> invaded the cork. In
> my big tank, I used cut up paper clips which are simple
> mild steel, to hold
> Java Moss, Java Fern and Anubias to the back wall of
> cork. By the time the
> thin wire had rusted away to nothing, the plants were
> firmy attached to the
> cork by natural means (roots). The same thing happens
> with driftwood. Wire
> is fine, just stay away from copper or brass wire or lead
> strips.

I have used thread and I think rustaway steel might be
better.  Some threads disintegrate too quickly, and others
seem to persist indefinitely.  All I am usually looking for
is something to hold until, as James said, "the plants were
> firmy attached . . . by natural means (roots)."

Scott H.

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