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Re: Fluorex Lights

Wayne J took substantial issue with (it seems) almost
everything is I said.  God bless diversity of views.  I
certainly hope folks interested in lights read them all. 
Wayne has done a lot of good research and his info is very
good to have in hand.

He's right on the facts, I think, but might be expecting a
bit much from a lot of prospective aquarists.  My basic
point is that you don't have to do math to keep fish and
plants healthy (at lest not much beyond meting out food and
ferts.  Some simple rules of thumb and good advice go a
long way.  If you have the temperament and the time, do the
deeper research.  But even then, a good advice you trust
can go a long way ;-)

Scott H., who luckily hasn't had to edit the XP registry
for over 16 hours.

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