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more small schooling fish

Foerschichthys flavipinnis is small, about as small as the
Rasbora mentioned earlier, Fairly nondesctiot it's a transparent
grey with a margin of color (sorta, almost) on the dorsal
and anal fins... whoch are auite alrge, and a striking srcreaming
metallic blue iris. When over the shoulder sunlight or stong
incandescenr light hits them (what, you don't have narrow
beam floods in your ceiling aimed at your tanks?) They
make an impressive display. They're 1/2" or so. If you
want to step up to 3/4" there's a dozen or so species
of "lampeye" Killifish in the Aplocheilichtys group.

But if it were me I'd get a number of male Procatopus
aberrens even though they're almost 2 inches. Fromr their
color, level of activity and deportment they're my first


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