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heater size/configuration

I have a 100 gal freshwater going with angels and other mid column. The
heater I recently got is a 300-watt Italian made type you frequently see in
the aquarium stores. Running fluvol 404 with about 2.5-watts/gal light. I
can only get the temp up to 80 max, and usually around 78F Ö thatís with the
heater cranked to full. I get no orange onlight to indicate heating, but
still it is giving off some heat to keep it at 80.  I would like to be able
to go to 82F as discus might be in the offing.  I hope I can get a
suggestion on current market best heaters and weather it would be smart to
go with one large one of X watts or two smaller ones of X/2 watts. The
aquarium is 6ft long and average height and width. Blair

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