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Re: Vortex or Complicated mess?

Jeff quoted John and said:

john wrote:
"All this extra equipment in the tank or I could just have
a simple reactor
in-line with my canister hose,"

I would have gone that way but don't have the canister
filter.  I wouldn't
refer to it as "high-tech" as much as I just like to dink

A reactor doesn't have to be fancy or complex in it's
operation nor mysterious in its reliance of particle
physics ;-)

A tube with water going in one end and out the other plus
an inlet for CO2 is the basic design.  Through in some
stuff to make the waterflow more turbulent (bioballs,
shredded plastic, plastic dish scrubbers, used astro turf
clippings :-) )

You can concoct these things out of a variety of materials
but acrylic and pvc are readily available in different
sizes and shapes and are very easily worked (drilled, cut,
etc).  A not very strong water flow is needed but chamber
size and water flow, together, affect exposure time.  Tom
makes elegantly simple and extremely effective reactors
that you cannot see when looking into your tank -- unless
you look all the way through to the back and you hung the
reactor behind the tank ;-)

You can make one yourself with a few dollars worth of Home
Depot parts, a willingness to smell volatile organic
compounds while the adhesive or joining compound cures, and
spare time.  The reason for trying to create a vortex, I
honestly do not understand; potentially, it might make the
reactor smaller (or larger), but useful external reactors
needn't be impractically large (or small) anyhow.

Unless you have a thing for vortexes, don't worry about
having one; it's entirely unnecessary.  In fact, devices
with them might work despite the vortex rather than because
of it.

Scott H., who after three days finally got XP to work on
his computer (eXtra Problems?)  
Can you say "HKLM-software-microsoft-windows-current
version-explorer-user shell folder-common administrative
tools  ?

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