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Re: Input or Output from a Canister to a CO2

Neal De Pape asked:
> I've created a external CO2 reactor and I'd like to split
> the flow off from my canister filter to supply water to
> the reactor.  Should I split off the input or the output
> lines? 

If you use the output, the water will be filtered before it
goes into your reactor.  Sounds like a plus to me?  The
reactor will become a biofilter anyway but why clog it with
extra crud.

If you use the input, water will be taken drawn from the
reactor.  An interesting approach, but again the water
would be coming from the tank, unfiltered, through the
reactor, then going through the filter, then back to the
tank.  Seems like a way to get extra crud into the reactor.

So it come down to how often do you want to clean the
reactor?  ;-) 

Put it on the output.

Scott H.

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