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CO2 Reactors

Greetings Group,
I have two Aqualine Buschke units (the smaller one) in a 30g and a 58g tank.  They
work very well being able to over carbonize the tanks.  I found out the hard way
with no livestock loss however.  The reactor in the 30g is attached to a very old
Eheim canister filter which is at least 25yrs and on its fourth pump.  The one in
the 58g is attached to an Otto TP700 pump.  For my 15g tank I simply glued an EL
barb into a hole drilled into the intake tube of my Hagen AquaClear Mini filter
about 2" down from the top.  It too works well.  My 50g has an Otto PC200 power
reactor which with I'm not totally pleased.  It needs an additional reactor cup, I
believe, because bubbles are blown out of the discharge tube when the bubble rate
is raised to about one per second.  The only problem is that I can't find a vendor
that has these parts.  I submit this for what it's worth.
Best regards,