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RE: Nutrients vs. algae


It is my theory that many who think they are having success by limiting PO4,
really are not.

People with either a large fish load, or inadequate lighting have much more
difficulty depleting the PO4 then I do.  They think that they have limited
PO4, when in fact enough enters the system through regular feeding that
their PO4 never really hits absolute zero.  Thus, they think that they are
limiting, when perhaps they are not.

My PO4 on the other hand, quickly hits absolute zero in about 4-5 days after
I dose it.  I don't have very many fish, and I have a huge amount of plant

I have seen SEVERAL posts that say that PO4 should never hit absolute zero,
and that some people have had much better success with adding small amounts
of PO4.... which also backs this theory up.

Also, I should add that my water parameters (PH, KH, GH) are almost exactly
the same as yours.  I have very soft water, as I keep discus.

-Jeremy White

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for sharing your experience.

Maybe the P limitation theory can be disproved.