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Re: advanced searches in APD

Sorry for the delayed reply.

At 12:48 AM 9/26/2002, Shireen Gonzaga wrote:

>Is it possible to do advanced searches in APD?  If yes,
>what's the syntax?
>I'm trying to track down an email from Tom Barr about
>how to clean his CO2 reactor -- something about using
>bleach, I think.  So I've been trying things in the search
>field like CO2 & Reactor & Barr & 2002
>CO2 + Barr + reactor + clean + 2002
>... still not found it.
>Any suggestions?

Easy answer (same as so many other Internet search questions these days): 

Go to Google advanced search:


Enter your favorite search terms, then scroll down a few lines and limit 
the domain to


Works great.