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Nutrients vs. algae

Hello guys,

The PO4 level in my tank has stay at 40ppm level for a least 2 weeks 
while my NO3 is at 20+ppm.

My tank now reads:
PO4	40ppm
NO3	20+ppm
Fe	0.5ppm
GH	8
KH	3~4
pH	6.0
Lights	3.4W/gal

Many people would have expect an algae outbreak under such conditions.
But in contrary, I have yet to see any increase in algae growth.

I am beginning to buy into Tom Barr's idea that nutrients limitation
is not the way to prevent algae growth.  However, up till now there 
has not been any mechanism confirmed to have prevented the algae 

If it is true that we need to maintain sufficient nutrients for the 
plants in order to stifle the algae growth.  Should we just simply add
as much nutrients as possible in order to be sure that none of the 
nutrients is lacking.  Is there still a need to control the nutrients
at a certain level?

In my case, the excess PO4 has yet to cause any trouble in my tank.  I
am curious in what you guys think.

BC (Singapore)