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Re:Natural creation of CO2

     * From: "Daniel Larsson" <defdac at hotmail_com>


.....I was thinking if I could create a air-sealed sump where I put
all dead leaves and other organic matter from my trimmings.
In this air/gas-tight sump I drill two holes: One for a air-pump
with air-stone to make a real good aerobic climate for the
decompose-process. In the other hole I put tubing to lead
the sump-produced gases (CO2 amongst other things)
into my low-tech aquarium.

Would this work? Would it stink like h.ll? Would the
produced CO2 be sufficient to make a difference?

Yes! it should work, or at least it is certainly worth the effort of 
finding out.  I have been thinking of doing something like this for 
years. I have always thought, "why produce CO2 anaerobically, when 
you can get so much more of it from a given amount of organic matter 
aerobically?"   Obviously you will have to fiddle with the air flow 
rate through the system to get the most out of the CO2 produced. You 
may find that it is best to let CO2 build up in the system overnight 
and only run air through the system at certain times during the day. 
Leaves may decompose a little too slowly.  Try mixing some uncooked 
oatmeal with the soil.  It won't stink unless the whole system goes 
completely anaerobic.  Decomposition by various fungi in the presence 
of oxygen is pretty much odorless.  The only way to find out if it is 
going to make enough CO2 to make a difference is to make 
measurements---pH and KH and use the tables, or use a CO2 kit. 
Actually, you can get a pretty good idea just by checking the pH and 
see how much it drops when you start running the air from your 
compost pile through.

  Paul Krombholz in central Mississippi,having cool, cloudy weather 
with more rain on the way.