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Re: Amiricle prefilter

James wrote >>>>>> The link I follow still says $99.99. I'm also in Canada
which probably makes
a difference, but I wouldn't think twice the price.

Actually, being in Canada does make a big difference to the price-- close to
double isn't unheard of with Big Als- I once asked why this is so as I
thought that a 40% price discrepancy on something I wanted to buy was odd
after you factored in the exchange rate and any potential duty taxes etc.-
the response was something to the effect that they did not want to compete
with Canadian retail Big Als stores by having lower prices online- on that
basis I avoid buying from them. If a company can provide an item for cheaper
with less overhead online compared to retail stores, than they should do so.
Perhaps the Canadian retail stores are independantly owned- Regardless- when
I lived in Vancouver I found the retail store there to be quite expensive
relative to other Aquarium Retailers--- despite the great advice they
provided and the helpful senior staff, I wasn't prepared to spend what I
felt was more often too much compared with other stores proving similar
level of specialized service.


Cory Williamson

PS- there is a mail order place in Ontario that often has cheaper prices
www.mops.ca than Big Als. I don't know if they sell the prefilter you are
looking for though.