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Natural creation of CO2

I was reading about how CO2 is created in natural waters:
"Microbial respiration creates a large amount of CO2 in 
waters and  she is pointing to this issue I believe. Breakdown/
decomposition of  organic matter uses up O2 and produces CO2."

This is an aerobic breakdown/decomposition I believe:
"Producers absorb CO2 from  the atmosphere or water and 
use photosymthesis to convert it into complex carbohydrates. 
Then the cells in oxygen-consuming producers and consumers 
carry out aerobic respiration, which breaks down glucose and 
athers complex organic compounds and convert the carbon 
back to CO2 in the atmosphere or in water"

I was thinking if I could create a air-sealed sump where I put
all dead leaves and other organic matter from my trimmings.
In this air/gas-tight sump I drill two holes: One for a air-pump
with air-stone to make a real good aerobic climate for the
decompose-process. In the other hole I put tubing to lead
the sump-produced gases (CO2 amongst other things)
into my low-tech aquarium.

Would this work? Would it stink like h.ll? Would the
produced CO2 be sufficient to make a difference?