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Re: Simple, Cheap, easy, CO2 systems

john wheeler said, in part, about one of the regulators
apparently in question:

> Well, I bought it, and had dumps. I called the seller
> on it and he *bent over backwards* to fix it. . . I 
> have this regulator. I've dropped it while moving,
> replaced fittings, and taken it off and replaced it
> onto tanks a dozen times....Works great. All of my
> failures have been *AFTER* the regulator.

So we can sum up this brew(ery)hahah with this: pretty
widespread attestation that brewery class regulators work
just fine for aquatic gardening and that metering/needle
valves are important for controlling normal flow *and* for
preventing dumps.

Scott H.,
whose Black Ruby Barbs lately have been shredding his C.
balansae, but only the "melting" leaves -- how autumnal.

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