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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #382

Tom wrote:

> Actually that was the past problems with the end of the tank dumps, the
> Eheim disc/high pressure system did not have a needle valve. You need to go
> back and look at the archives. Regulating CO2 through a Eheim disc with the
> regulator is asking for trouble without the needle valve.
> I've run my tanks down to 0 psi and watched my pH etc, I have about 12
> needle valve presently on 2 systems and have installed perhaps 60 of these
> valves so I likely have a bit more experience in this area. I've never
> killed any of my fish through a "CO2 dump", the pH was stable the entire
> time (I watch it on a digital monitor) 

Actually, due to a bad habit of procrastination, I've had my CO2
bottle running "on empty" for the past 2 weeks.  Amazed it's
still got any CO2 in it.   Tank pressure is now down to about 300
psi, and the flow from the needle valve is still RELATIVELY steady.
I think the bubble rate increased a tiny bit, but not enough to really
see a change in the CO2 level, or the pH.

And mine is most definitely a cheap beer regulator.  Saw the exact
same one in the welding supply place for $30.00.   They stock them
for all the home-beer people that come in looking for CO2 gear.