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Re: simple, easy, cheap, blah, blah, blah

Hey Gang,

Wright Huntly offers: 
>>Dumping had absolutely nothing to do with regulator
quality, and a lot to do with improper use of a
check-valve/diffuser as a flow restrictor. Read 
the history before getting too indignant. Your
comments are misplaced and do the hobby little good,

Add another opinion to that one. See next paragraph.

This APD'er wrote:
 > How many of you that bought one of those bewery
regulators for your
 > aquarium had the thing dump on you? How many
dumping victims got any
 > compensation from that guy you bought them from? 
The guy still 
 > admit the thing is faulty. Now Tom Barr is
advocating using similar
 > stuff....

Well, I bought it, and had dumps. I called the seller
on it and he *bent over backwards* to fix it. While he
may not come right out and say that set-up was faulty,
he *does* say that if fish are involved one should
strongly consider a needle valve (paraphrased). All
this after some fire from angry purchasers and
critics. This distributor is still in business and
wants to stay that way, so making a public
announcement that a product that you swore by is going
to kill your fish isn't, maybe, the best strategy.

I have this regulator. I've dropped it while moving,
replaced fittings, and taken it off and replaced it
onto tanks a dozen times....Works great. All of my
failures have been *AFTER* the regulator.

Cheers mates,
John Wheeler

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