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Re: Simple, Cheap, easy, CO2 systems

Joelle wrote:
> The problem I have with this DIY cheap approach is the use of 
 > these brewery regulators.

Why is that a problem?  MANY people have successfully used these beer
regulators for a long time without problems.

> They are not factory preset to control the delivery of Co2 for 
 > an aquarium application.

Neither are many of the more expensive ones.   There is nothing magical
about a regulator output pressure setting.   If the regulator can be
set for the proper output PSI, then it'll work, regardless of what
the regulator is built for.   These regulators aren't built for beer,
or aquariums, or welding, etc.  They are built to regulate CO2 pressure.

And all of the ones I've seen do a darn fine job.   Even my cheap $30
beer regulator.

> Use these regulators at your own risk.  The entire dumping phenomenon 
 > was caused by a guy selling that regulator for aquariums.  The

WRONG.  In fact, I'm using one of the regulators sold by that "guy".
Works perfectly, no dumping.  I did modify the system to use a good
needle valve, and ditched the Eheim diffusor, since it wasn't able
to supply enough CO2 for my larger tank.

My guess is that you are associated with someone trying to push the
overpriced "aquarium" co2 regulators.

> You get a back flow straight into the needle valve, regulator and tank.  

umm, not unless the CO2 tank is out of CO2.  Otherwise, there will be
pressure in the Co2 line, and water won't be travelling back up it.

I've never understood how someone could get water backing up the
CO2 line.  I guess if you have a solenoid and shut off the CO2
flow.  Plus, the water would not get past the needle valve.  The
tiny amount that the needle valve is open for CO2 isn't wide enough
for water to flow past it.