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Re: Where should I buy a tank?

Your lfs is probably the least expensive place and that's
not good news.

Shipping cost make mail order of all but the smallest or
other exorbitantly expensive tanks unreasonably expensive,
even, perhaps, unaffordable.

But all hope is not lost, some can be found by expanding
your range from local to distant.  Your *dfs* might have
tanks cheap enough, that the drive is worth the time and
trouble and gasoline.  Especially on larger tanks, it's
possible to save some money.  If affordability is
important, then shop comprehensively; look up discount
supply houses and see if anything is close enough to you to
make the savings attractive.  My rule of thumb is, if it
will save 5 times the gasoline cost, I will make the drive.
 Someone undoubtedly will argue that PAR or lumens are a
better measure; hah.  ;-)

Depending on *your* gas mileage, that will work out to
about $200/hour.  If your *spare* time is significantly
more valuable than that, then you probably don't need to be
concerned about the savings on an aquarium in the first
place.  In fact, the time spent just *contemplating* buying
a tank has cost you a small fortune -- so go now, just run
out and buy whatever you can get your hands on quick,
before you go broke thinking about it.

Just my 22 cents,
Scott H.

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