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Re: cheap CO2

> Thanks Tom for your input,
> With regards to my statement on weighing up CO2 losses etc I was
> actually talking about the system itself rather than the cost of the
> gas. The cylinders here are cheap, but the injection systems themselves
> are very expensive.

You can buy the regulators online and locally at micro brewery places( You
folks do make Beer down there?). They should run about 45-65$ US dollar
You should also be able to find the needle valves also, not sure if Clippard
sells them down there but most place will shipping them there.
At about 75$ for the reg and valve, all you need to do is make a simple
device like a number of web sites have shown to make a CO2 diffuser.
Bubble counter etc are easy to DIY etc.
I don't use them personally but some folks like them.
Solenoids are not a needed item, but some folks wish for one and they can be
had for about 30-50$.

Even with shipping etc, I don't think it'd be that much more, maybe 30-35$
extra tops.

But 3 or 4 set ups and sell them your friends:-)
Tom Barr