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Re: Trickle down hypotheses and rising CO2

Adam Shaw seems unsure about the ability to conserve CO2
while still effectively using a wet/dry/trickle filter.

Don't let your a priori mental experiments outweigh actual
physical experiments.  At least check out Booth's web site
if you're still unsure.

I don't think you sound like a parrot.  Sometimes what we
know and what insights we draw from that lead us to
mistaken conclusions.  The hobby is full of them.  If you
think it's bad with aquaria, try talking with some
audiophiles someday, especially those that are not

If you trickle into an open container, you're more likely
to lose a lot of CO2.

Like my momma used to tell me when I was young, "It
ain't how much you trickle that's important, it's where you
do it."

Scott H.

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