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Re: The clause about Klez

Chuck H passed on a lot of good info re virus protection
and Klez crud in particular.  He said, in part:

> Whenever Klez posts to the list -- that's a lot, lately
> -- it's also 
> sending out infected files to others.  List members are
> potentially at risk 
> of receiving an infected attachment every time Klez posts
> here.  I've 
> personally received 2.  However, only folks using a
> 32-bit Windows O/S 
> (Win95 or higher) are at risk of infection.  Those using
> Macs, Unix, or 
> Linux systems are immune.

Indeed, this particular bugger is aimed at certain
electronic environs of the Microsoft variety.  And when
someone sends a diseased post to APD, lots of other
issuances of the bugger go out to other addresses from the
mail box of that sender -- it multiplies and goes forth ;-)

But the APD list only accepts and forwards plain text,
nothing fancy and no attachments.  So, just to be clear
about mucky topic, you won't catch a virus from the mail
APD sends you.

Scott H.

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